Give your child appreciation for Jesus Christ's mission.

by Sanford Communications

Many parents would agree that children should wait until they are older to see the acclaimed movie The Passion of the Christ, which graphically depicts the horrible violence that Jesus Christ endured before giving His life on the cross.

For the most part, children in our culture are privileged enough to be insulated from the reality and "scariness" of death.

Death and life, however, are at the core of the Christian message exemplified by Good Friday and Easter and remembered each Sunday. How much does your child understand that message?

Children need to know that dying was Jesus Christ's reason for living on earth. They also need to know about Jesus' resurrection three days later. As a parent, you can have the wonderful privilege of talking with your child about these important truths. The Easter season is a great time to do this.

The following mini-lessons are designed for you to download, print out, review with a Bible in hand and then read with your child. These lessons will help you give your child a greater appreciation and understanding of the purpose of Jesus Christ's life, death and resurrection.

Ultimately, these five mini-lessons will encourage your child to join God's family.

Lesson One: Just Judge - Loving Father (pdf)

Lesson Two: Why Did Some People Want to Kill Jesus? (pdf)

Lesson Three: Was Jesus Innocent or Guilty of Blasphemy? (pdf)

Lesson Four: Dying Was Jesus' Reason for Living (pdf)

Lesson Five: Jesus Took My Place (pdf)


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