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Facilitator Manual

Contains four main units each divided into practical lessons and interactive activities that lead participants to analyze their characters, set clear dreams and goals for their lives, and abstain from any behavior that could hinder their life dreams and goals.

Belanadam Facilitator Guide cover


Student Booklet

Designed in a “cool” way and contains all the program’s activities, practical notes, popular quotes, etc. for use during the program. It’s a great tool that sparks teen participation and learning, and serves as a good reminder of the main topics covered.


Abstinence Pledge

Studies have shown that those who sign pledges enjoy higher rates of commitment than those who don’t. The abstinence pledge is an effective tool that helps teens remember their pledge to purity and stick to it.


pledge certificate



No Apologies card

A fun printed gadget that encourages teens who have participated in No Apologies to remember their commitment to purity and stick to it. It was designed to be practical and easily kept for many years to come.