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Facilitator Testimonies

  • Every time I present No Apologies to youth, I re-commit to purity myself.
  • No Apologies must be taught everywhere. Every parent must teach it to their own children at home as well.
  • I tend to set goals for my life and then forget all about them. Ever since I attended the No Apologies facilitator training, I decided to seriously work on all the facets of my character in order to achieve my goals and dreams for life.
  • “The No Apologies Facilitator Training was the very first training that presented such a comprehensive outlook to the issues teens struggle with. We’ve never attended anything like it!”
  • No Apologies is such a great program that every youth leader in every church in the country should be trained to present it to all their teens!”
  • “I was a teenager at a No Apologies camp three years ago where my life was radically changed. And here I am now attending a facilitator training to present it to my youth group! I’m super excited!”
  • No Apologies is a life-changing program; it inspired me to set dreams and goals for my life and encouraged me to firmly say NO to wrong behaviors.”
  • “I attended a No Apologies camp 12 years ago, and I can honestly say that it has impacted by entire life and empowered me to live a pure life.”
  • “When teens forget about break times, you know you’ve succeeded in addressing their real needs! Thank you so much for teaching us this valuable material!”


Student Testimonies

  • I needed to hear this a long time ago, but I’m glad I still have a chance to begin again. I will abstain from anything that could hinder my future dreams and goals.
  • I was disoriented towards what I want to achieve in life. No Apologies encouraged me with creative thoughts and helped me accurately determine what I want to do.
  • “This is the very first time you address our real needs. We are so glad you finally understand us.”
  • “Sexuality is discussed in ugly ways among our friends. Thank you for approaching the topic in such a respectful way.”
  • “Thanks for teaching us how to resist negative peer pressure. I gave in to negative pressure from my friends too many times, just for fear of being left out. No Apologies gave me the courage and tools to resist and stand up for what is right.”
  • “The No Apologies camp was a personal message from God; it came at the perfect timing!”
  • “It was very powerful to discover my real worth; that God created us perfectly!”
  • “My life was a mess. At the No Apologies camp, I gave up lots of risky behaviors, and began thinking before every action. Thank you, thank you, thank you!”