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25 Things I Want My Kids to Know

There are hundreds of things to teach our kids during their lifetime. Here are just twenty-five things that I want my kids to know. What would be on your list?










What Is TikTok Brain?

Social media is changing all the time. Facebook feels just about as old as eight-track players to most kids and teens. They’ve moved on to Snapchat and Discord and, especially, TikTok while moms and dads scramble to keep up.




Believing the Best About Your Spouse

When you decide to view your spouse as a good-willed person, that perspective changes your entire relationship. Even in the middle of conflict, you can see each other as partners and friends.



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Your Child's Unique Personality

Understanding our children's unique personalities informs our parenting, of course, but it does something even more important: It speaks love.





Sexual Trauma and Its Effect on Marriage

Spouses who have suffered sexual trauma and haven't dealt with it go on outwardly, while secretly struggling in their marriage.




9 Ways to Help Children Cope with Father's Death

If you know a boy or girl who has dealt with a father’s death, whether recently or some time ago, don't be afraid to step up and help out.