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Mastering Your Spouses Love Language 2


ositively Influencing Your Husbands Happiness


Speaking Highly of Your Husband 2

Mastering Your Spouse's Love Language

Gary Chapman

Most of us grew up speaking a language that we relied on more than any other language. That's the language we understand best. The same is true of love.


Positively Influencing Your Husband's Happiness

Kathi Lipp

Helping your husband to know that even when the world is demanding and hard, he can always find a place to receive love and appreciation within the four walls of your home.


Speaking Highly of Your Husband

Juli Slattery

Whenever you highlight your husband's efforts to be a great dad, you're nurturing a love that's as vital to your kids as it is to your husband.

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 In the Shadaw of Infertility


Passion and Pleasure


A Wifes Influence

In the Shadow of Infertility

Matt Appling

What could a husband do to keep his marriage going during a season of infertility?


Passion and Pleasure

Gary Thomas

God's design is always beautiful. And His plan for marital intimacy is equally awe-inspiring.


A Wife's Influence

Sara Horn

Be intentional about bringing good to your marriage.


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