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5 Ways to Stay on the Same Team

Joshua Straub with Christi Straub

A directionless marriage quickly becomes a purposeless marriage, so set team goals.

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Loving Your Spouse With Kids in the House

Patrick Schwenk and Ruth Schwenk

Few ideas to consider as you work to keep your marriage a priority during the busy and unpredictable parenting years.

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Facebook and Your Marriage

Tricia Goyer

Although Facebook can be fun, it's not always the best thing for my marriage.

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 Special Needs in Marriage Conquering Communication small


Rekindling Intimacy small


Spouse Wont to Listen Wants to Fix Everything small


Conquering Communication

Joe and Cindi Ferrini

One of the greatest frustrations in caring for a special needs child or adult is the difficulty of trying to understand what they are trying to communicate, and then, as a married couple, trying not to get frustrated when we can't understand each other!

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Rekindling Intimacy

Juli Slattery

Within marriage, you have the opportunity to reclaim and redeem the beautiful gift of sexual intimacy.

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Spouse Won't Listen, Wants to "Fix" Everything

Genuine intimacy in marriage begins when each spouse takes responsibility for his or her emotions and behaviors. 

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