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Toddler-Sized Choices

Sandra Crosser

God gives us, His children, free will, so it's OK to pass His generosity on to toddlers in an age-appropriate way.

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Mean Kids or Bullies: What's the Difference?

Danielle Pitzer

Parents can help children understand the difference between bullying and passing rudeness by asking them three questions about a person's behavior.

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Are You Kind to Your Kids?

Daniel Huerta

Kindness means approaching the often-difficult realities of family life with a sensible, gentle tone, with the recognition that certain things just have to be dealt with, but no one has to be rude.

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 Making Wise Decisions During Conflicts small


The Whisper of Moms Fears small


The Benefits of Chores small

Making Wise Decisions During Conflict


The Whisper of a Mom's Fears


The Benefits of Chores


Gary Smalley, Dr. Greg Smalley

Parents have to make tough decisions when we can't reach agreement with our teens, and they have to abide by them.

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Angie Smith

Sometimes my concerns are reasonable, but other times they are simply the echo of my own fears. Left unchecked, they can hinder my children from experiencing the life God has for them.

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Cindy Barclay

Work is crucial to a person's well-being and sense of purpose. It produces dignity, self-confidence and satisfaction — all things we want in abundance for our children.

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