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Encouraging Siblings to Get Along


Bonding With Your Baby



Welcome to the Tween Zone


Cynthia Tobias

As parents, we're faced with the task of helping each of our one-of-a-kind children accept and appreciate the differences in their brothers and sisters. So how can you help your children value the unique qualities of their siblings?

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Amber Van Schooneveld

Some women experience a difficult delivery and recovery. Others find breastfeeding to be a challenge. And then there's the lack of sleep. All of these factors can make bonding with a newborn more difficult.

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Cynthia Tobias and Sue Acuña

Have you been caught off guard by changes in your child that mark the transition from childhood into early adolescence? You thought you had more time, but suddenly your 10- or 11-year-old is less like the child you know and more like someone you don't even recognize.

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The 5 Love Languages and Your Teen small


The Whisper of Moms Fears small


The Benefits of Chores small

The 5 Love Languages and Your Teen


The Whisper of a Mom's Fears


The Benefits of Chores


Gary Chapman

Few things are more important for parents than discovering and speaking their teen's primary love language. The teen needs to receive love in all five languages, but focusing on the primary love language will fill the love tank much faster and more effectively.


Angie Smith

Sometimes my concerns are reasonable, but other times they are simply the echo of my own fears. Left unchecked, they can hinder my children from experiencing the life God has for them.

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Cindy Barclay

Work is crucial to a person's well-being and sense of purpose. It produces dignity, self-confidence and satisfaction — all things we want in abundance for our children.

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